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As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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14 feb 2021



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Amiri the Grey
Amiri the Grey Timme sedan
God damn won't someone just... do something?
Wagner Jonathan
Wagner Jonathan Timme sedan
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Jean-Philippe Legacy
700 billion spent on US military. 30 billion is nothing compared to that..
Joseph Timme sedan
Get rid of factory farming. That’s the greatest solution that he chooses to ignore. I respect this guy but he needs to be honest here.
Max The Wolf
Max The Wolf Timme sedan
12:37 that so called "wet market" is actually in Bangkok, Thailand and most of them are "kinda" illegal but they get away by selling these exotic animals through bribing local authorities. Main selling point of these markets are just for pets but for food is extremely rare and might use word play to not appeared as "barbaric" to common shoppers. Surprisingly, most thais don't notice any of this possible risk from this kind of market in their own country even during the current pandemic.
Tarumarugan 2 timmar sedan
We also can’t kill all bats because we need nightmare fuel to inspire our next generation of orphaned super heroes.
Janice Rideout
Janice Rideout 2 timmar sedan
That poor crocodile is scared to f-ing death.
Aldo Enrique Alcázar García
What a crap, blaming bats for scatter virus when they are essential polinizing the plants, all this virus was created into a lab, stop this shit.
Pixel Rose
Pixel Rose 2 timmar sedan
Sitting in my mask at work like, yes please, prevention would be nice.
Alberto Herrera
Alberto Herrera 2 timmar sedan
This video is garbage, I'm disappointed: "Wuhan might as well have been" where TheChineseCoronavirus started. You know it started there, but you wont say because you're scared they will tell you to remove your video, or block your channel in China. : You did not acknowledge the problem is eating meat, and the solution is stop eating meat. Im not even vegan and I recognize that. You bundled up with the rest of unreachable plans to stop pandemics, when it is in fact the only real (and very doable) solution. But you didn't say it because you're a coward and don't want your viewers to get "triggered" because they are meat eaters.
Sweaty Balls
Sweaty Balls 2 timmar sedan
What a douche!
Gray S.
Gray S. 2 timmar sedan
I used to guess english words before I came to Canada. Now, I understood every word he told me :)
Roses Andflour
Roses Andflour 3 timmar sedan
Just shoot me already. What’s the point even
Justin 3 timmar sedan
I'm a bit surprised that Oliver didn't mention the three bubonic plagues that hit Madagascar since 2000 killing a few hundred combined (and yes this is the same type of plague that hit Europe in the Middle Ages and the 1600's and hit China and India in the Victorian Era).
Aerial Williams
Aerial Williams 3 timmar sedan
That "Et tu, Kinkajou?" line made me wish I could like this twice.
ColdestDantor 4 timmar sedan
Just because you have a lot of stats does not mean you are right
Chris LaChance
Chris LaChance 4 timmar sedan
The really scary elephant in the room is..... we are going ape shit crazy with antibacterial , antimicrobial cleaning products. Thus making virus and bacteria into super ones.
John Oliver is smart but these jokes are pure cringe in every single video..
MorganZoeArtist 4 timmar sedan
A bat is a flying goth mouse.
Diadlo 4 timmar sedan
Shelly Justice
Shelly Justice 4 timmar sedan
No more money on weaponry, war, missiles... America can only survive by spending the money on EPIDEMIOLOGY!!!!!
David Westwater
David Westwater 4 timmar sedan
Stop making new viruses in labs
Shelly Justice
Shelly Justice 4 timmar sedan
This is where anyone can learn genuinely anything about anything , and it's all authentic! It's my favorite show and I need it in my life!!
Bryan Peterson
Bryan Peterson 4 timmar sedan
Did anyone else watch this WHILE playing Animal Crossing and be a little bit horrified at the diversity of animals on their island?
little ticked off
little ticked off 5 timmar sedan
how bout.... fuck off, people die, why tf do I need to be locked down
Anna Cot
Anna Cot 5 timmar sedan
Worst show ever air on tv fake likes fake views everyone should know by now you can buy views and likes
Mike C
Mike C 5 timmar sedan
This idiot wants us so scared that this is the new normal and the bad one is coming... well theres 8 billion people on earth liberals want more so yah we probably will get a bad one eventually... but listen to this shit... "fundamental social change" lol... yah. Theyre already trying to set the stage to keep power over us long after this pandemic ends. Authoritarian Left people, the real New Nazis.
Mike C
Mike C 4 timmar sedan
You wont be allowed to spend time in nature you will need an authorization from an authority and piles of cash. But yes save the planet. We will be eating algae flakes, living in boxes and VR worlds, and the rich will be eating filet mignon while touring the amazon, fishing in haida gwaii, drinking fresh exotic fruit drinks and smoking cuban cigars on a sandy beach in the carribean waited on by supermodel sex slaves hand foot and mouth.
Mike C
Mike C 5 timmar sedan
And watch... they are going to introduce laws and restrictions to make things like travel or other "luxuries" prohibitively complicated and unnaffordable... except for the rich elites and powerful. The middle and working class people will have more and more wealth sucked out of us and living with less and less while the rich will folic across the globe on planes and yachts living in mansions eating pricey meats and seafoods etc etc.
Mike C
Mike C 5 timmar sedan
Get ready for permanent bans and restrictions.
PunishedJohnMcClane 5 timmar sedan
MonaryMenos 1210
MonaryMenos 1210 5 timmar sedan
What a wanker
Rehatbir Dhingra
Rehatbir Dhingra 5 timmar sedan
Why is this trending now? This video is 2 weeks old 😂. Love the content tho
Matthew McPhail
Matthew McPhail 6 timmar sedan
I feel that taking shots at Johnny Depp might be a bad move tbh. The man has a fan base that is strong still
ZoaB 6 timmar sedan
Obvious answer: Vaccinate all animals.
Sebastian Stone
Sebastian Stone 6 timmar sedan
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Jeffrey Butts
Jeffrey Butts 6 timmar sedan
Started in animals 🤣
Itsa Games
Itsa Games 6 timmar sedan
Predicting pandemics isnt a skill. if you just know simple history, it's as simple as reading a book. If you can predict when and where , thats a bit better but that can be attributed to knowing trends
Scott Barbour
Scott Barbour 6 timmar sedan
There's a reason the virus researchers are always on boats... they understand the need to stay the hell away from people whenever possible.
M. Ricciardi
M. Ricciardi 7 timmar sedan
I've been saying this all year -- good to see some mass audience communication on the topic. All in all, I well-presented description of an all-but-assured global catastrophe. There is also an underlying message here: that we will likely NEVER 'return to (full) normal'...certainly not while we are concurrently deforesting the planet, trafficking in 'exotic species', and ever-encroaching on wildlife habitats that have been mostly untouched by humans for thousands of years. Who knows what lethal parasitic contagion lies in wait for the next rare species poaching foray, or mineral mining expedition, or palm oil plantation clear-cutting project into some remote pocket of rain forest somewhere 'far from the civilized world'?
Vince SC
Vince SC 7 timmar sedan
Look can they just put us all in bubbles like in bubble boy so we can finally just permanently live in safety Is that what it takes? We can be precautious of everything, so lets just isolate our biomes within contained ecosystems unique to each individual and let go of our capacity to experience the outside world already Or better yet, shove us all into VR pods so we can interact without coughing on each other, you can hook tubes up to our butts and genitals and feed us rectally while milking us for reproduction Come on! We dont need vaccines constantly jammed into our arms every few months with my plan, there is no need for immunity if we are completely and absolutely isolated from external contact Then maybe we can get some Epstein answers? Maybe some justice? come on, just a wee bit of justice, please, to keep us from burning it all down.. Until then, its going to be hard as fak to convince anyone to do anything, including allowing the government to jam needles into their kids
Zizi Gurra
Zizi Gurra 7 timmar sedan
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Elise Amiot
Elise Amiot 7 timmar sedan
The human race deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth if for no other reason than its utter cruelty towards other sentient beings on the planet.
James Burry tech
James Burry tech 7 timmar sedan
Hi there !! Sorry to bother you , Incase you interested in getting your Instagram or twitter account verified, message mr James on WhatsApp (+1 972-729-9579). Stay safe 🥰❤️
Coop Shanks
Coop Shanks 8 timmar sedan
Yeaaaa. This video points out an important fact, eventually people will forget and quit funding research.
kc bck
kc bck 8 timmar sedan
I had to replay this a few times. Did the CNN guest and author just say, "We ghettoize the diseases into marginalized populations? I think she is saying once we [experts] turn the disease black and brown we don't care about it. Hmm... Is that a show all by itself? I think so...
C P 8 timmar sedan
The real pandemic is the sins of the people. Hell has room for all sinners.
Justin 8 timmar sedan
I am a paintball player and I resent that statement about a waste of space. Love the show!!
Jane Hoe
Jane Hoe 8 timmar sedan
!remind me in 2 years
Robert Hoople
Robert Hoople 8 timmar sedan
I really feel like you missed an opportunity to throw nukes into that opening, John.... But really, who needs that much non-sleep... Continue on.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 9 timmar sedan
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Enesi Majebi
Enesi Majebi 9 timmar sedan
Bat being so cute but being vectors of so many deadly diseases seems like a cruel joke 😅
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull 9 timmar sedan
This video reasons humans should not colonize other planes
Just Frank
Just Frank 9 timmar sedan
Could this be the beginning of Planet of the Apes? Humans destroying their environment and animals kicking in. Humanity must have lost it's mind, being not intelligent by destroying animal habitats. There is a big difference between animals and humans and still humans believe they can get away with it. How stupid...
Oofie 9 timmar sedan
Patty Gould
Patty Gould 9 timmar sedan
My grandma actually died last Thanksgiving but it wasn't from a fart.
Jennie Quevedo
Jennie Quevedo 9 timmar sedan
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Pranav Patel
Pranav Patel 9 timmar sedan
Now those veggie options don't look so bad anymore do they?
amarilloshim 9 timmar sedan
The level 4 bio lab in Wuhan definitely had no role in the COVID outbreak. The fact that they had been fined in the past for reckless practices and that they were experimenting with SARS when the Corona virus began, had no impact on the outbreak. John Oliver and the WHO both said so. Any connection you may be aware of is purely coincidental and not worth pursuing on your end. Thank you.
Sharon Rose
Sharon Rose 10 timmar sedan
We need to stop all the poor domesticated animal practises and abuses, otherwise we deserve it and can fully expect it.
carly colazantti
carly colazantti 10 timmar sedan
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Crusher O'Lies
Crusher O'Lies 10 timmar sedan
diseases from animals had its most deadly attack when explorers came to the americas. the natives here had only domesticated llama/alpaca. so people came here with all the diseases they had got from birds and cattle and pigs and everything else like rats that do well in cities etc, and the natives had nothing to give back as far as diseases. youll hear various guesses about how many died but its usually up in the 90%'s of how much of them died off after some explorers just talked to them and spent a couple days visiting before moving on. and when those explorers came back prepared to make settlements most of the people had died. stopping travel needs to be number one move for the globe when this happens. not waiting months to even enact the simplest travel restrictions and in all actuality people have been traveling still the whole time. we are going to have other pandemics that wont have a vaccine already kind of ready like we have for covid since these new vaccines are just modified sars vaccines we already had( this is actually how we skipped safety checks on covid19 vaccines and moved straight into efficacy testing). no matter how careful we are there will be more pandemics and making the proper moves to reduce spreading is the most essential part of that. ebola virus procedures show this. yes most die from it but they make sure the damn thing doesnt spread so that only some in a village or city die and not spread it around the world. we know what to do, we just have leaders with no balls or brains to do the right things.
Bryce Ryland
Bryce Ryland 10 timmar sedan
This guys voice is fucking annoying
Sol Walters
Sol Walters 10 timmar sedan
As someone from Salt Lake City, I am deeply offended. I love paintball. I need it to take my mind off of the fact that I live in Salt Lake City.
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 11 timmar sedan
John Oliver furry art
It's happened every 20 years it's going to happen again
Jerry Cai
Jerry Cai 11 timmar sedan
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Alesha Belyk
Alesha Belyk 11 timmar sedan
To put it into perspective.. If you account for the population of the Western World and you calculate that approximately 36% of that population are of working-age adults... That's roughly 409,488,120 people who are adults who earn a living (not retired). If each of those people pitched in $80 to the cause ($10/month for 8 months or $5/month for 16 months), that would bring in $32.76 billion dollars for research efforts. I for one would gladly pay $80 to secure not only my future but also future generations. $80 is a hell of a lot better than a year of lost wages!
Alex Batista
Alex Batista 11 timmar sedan
Nah, drama queen. 😁
purrin 11 timmar sedan
:( im scared
Super Man
Super Man 11 timmar sedan
The automatic peen parallely trick because spade cytologically clear anenst a large airplane. uninterested, special playroom
Theophilus Jedediah
Theophilus Jedediah 11 timmar sedan
The ugly woke idiot has finally been identified. COVID-19 was a dress rehearsal for the next biological attack. Social engineering was the agenda not the solution. This man made virus (it has been proven as lab created and not from animals) we even know the lab it came from and continue to give them millions of US dollars. Oliver is not funny and I’ll-informed. Time to get someone who ‘gets’ comedy.
Da913 12 timmar sedan
They’re on boats so they don’t have to be near filthy retard humans
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis 12 timmar sedan
I guess viruses have been with us sine the beginning of time and they can and have been known to mutate into something worse. The ocean alone has over 400 thousand viruses in it supposedly. I wonder if it's because of all the toxic waste, pollution, run off and plastic humans throw into it all the time. Actually no I don't wonder really. It's likely a contributing factor. In some parts of the world, there are lakes so deadly to any life, that no one and no other forms of life on earth even dare to go near them. There are some parts of the world where viruses thrive on and within the land and plant life alone, even without the help of human kind. I think humanity was simply a mistake as it seems too primitive to even keep itself truly safe. If aliens do exist, they're just going to let us all wipe our own selves out and they wouldn't have any real interest in us, other than to maybe keep some of us around as a sort of a petri dish experiment or for who even really knows what other reason.
Abhishek Bhavsar
Abhishek Bhavsar 12 timmar sedan
Vegan people have my respect now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kigark Bajarke
Kigark Bajarke 12 timmar sedan
The chunky flight delightfully carry because australia metabolically whip past a six mail. scintillating, jobless prosecution
Repentance Faith
Repentance Faith 12 timmar sedan
Consider where your soul will spend eternity, heaven or hell. You don’t want to end up in hell because you rejected the Sacrifice Jesus has made all who repent and turn to him by faith. We are all guilty of sin. We lie, steal and look with lust in our hearts. We are all Guilty before a Holy and Righteous God. GOD is not just all loving and overlook your sin. He is loving, but sin He will Judge because He is Perfectly good. The Good news is God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ who was perfectly Holy to pay the penalty for your and my sin out of Love for us. We can’t keep the Law we break most all commandments. But Jesus fulfilled ALL by his perfect thoughts, words, deeds and motives for us because we could not. Jesus loved all humans and God the Father perfectly. Turn, repent of your sin and confess Your thankfulness for what Jesus did for you. Put your faith in the perfection and the righteousness of Christ. Jesus was raised from death to give you new life; death has been defeated. Out of love and grace eternal life is promised to those who have faith ,,,, ,,, ,, , , , ,,, , , ,, , , .,.,,.,.,,.,,,.,,..
Cory Levy
Cory Levy 12 timmar sedan
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Aquatic Borealis
Aquatic Borealis 12 timmar sedan
Eating less meat takes care of most of the issues. Eat way less and the effects would be huge. Not just pandemics, but global warming, and loss the world's habitats and biodiversity. There's also the very worrying growth of antibiotic resistance. The agricultural industry is by far the biggest consumer of antibiotics.
Olaf Pijl
Olaf Pijl 12 timmar sedan
The biggest cause of all: overpopulation! With fewer humans, we don't need as much land, meat, oil, etc. Or have as many issues with migration, famine, lack of biodiversity and biological corridors, etc. That would be a great topic to do a show on!
AmericPet 12 timmar sedan
I really like the educational nature of this episode. Showing that many of the problems that people have been discussing are connected and are of large concern to the human population as well.
Christian Spremulli
Christian Spremulli 13 timmar sedan
The colossal parentheses clinically raise because trip constitutively count circa a infamous robert. abounding, green grey grieving kitchen
Carole Trapp
Carole Trapp 13 timmar sedan
How about this as an "interesting fact". America could spend less in WAR and DESTRUCTION put the money in to helping and still be have the biggest war machine in the world.
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 13 timmar sedan
Covid didn’t come from the wet market
Brandon Burgh
Brandon Burgh 13 timmar sedan
Basically we are our worst enemy! Texas like Mississippi just lifted the mask mandates & allowing businesses to open full capacities. Yes another wave is coming
Laney Holliday
Laney Holliday 13 timmar sedan
The grumpy lisa notably cry because pig neatly jog unlike a easy tom-tom. poor, violent customer
Space Reyn
Space Reyn 13 timmar sedan
10:00 jhon Oliver has rat furry images at the ready? 13:22 and plays animal crossing 14:30 and makes a joke about kissing pigs Well, hes just as smart as he is horny
Khalifa Mohsin
Khalifa Mohsin 13 timmar sedan
Next Pandemics gonna be realy worse for America N in India a Fever outa Mouse 🐁 going to hit badly (than Disney) like killing kinda
TheStarGazingKirin 13 timmar sedan
Woah waoh did he just call out furries XD Lol
AMBI DEXROUS 13 timmar sedan
Well Mother Nature is going to deliver a disease that’ll wipe out billions most likely, one way to save on resources is to kill a proportion of a population, it’s like relieving the pressure. I think that’s a good thing
Carole Trapp
Carole Trapp 13 timmar sedan
"as soon as we can ghetto-ize these diseases". How true this woman spoke. When we can make the "worthy" people immune and let it run rampant in the "poor" population. That's when the "worthy" people know it is safe.
Mel G
Mel G 13 timmar sedan
BAtkinson 13 timmar sedan
Awee, got flash backs to butterfly farming days in Thailand!
Philipp Wallat
Philipp Wallat 13 timmar sedan
We are the Virus.
Josh P
Josh P 13 timmar sedan
@LastWeekTonight .... I am Canadian and feel really sad how your politics are working atm ... at least create a new party to make things not so one sided >< thats the main thing ... one side got so rich that the just squish new parties ... so sad whats going on in usa ... i hope it doesnt ruin democracy for the whole world >.> .... like china and russia already is ... if usa goes one party only ... gonna be extremely sad ...
Josh P
Josh P 13 timmar sedan
as far as the pandemic ... we all know how this coulda got handled ... put the low risk at extreamly high risk and keep them safe instead of close everything down and ruin our economy more then it was >
(O=[][]=O) 13 timmar sedan
Solution: population control. The earth has too many people on it.
BAtkinson 14 timmar sedan
Our pandemic response is good enough. Asteroid response and defense is the real lacking one.
jgr 14 timmar sedan
TIL the left still believes SARS-COV2 sporadically came from bats.
EditorialJoe 11 timmar sedan
It's hard to expect much from John Oliver viewers, my dude.
Shir Gruber
Shir Gruber 14 timmar sedan
Hey! Environmental scientist here. This link between global health and deforestation/ wet markets has been known a long time. One thing we need to acknowledge is the source of these problems: poverty. You can’t solve these issues without realizing that the state of our economic system today is what is leading to these realities. To anyone looking for a gentle introduction to this topic, I would highly recommend the book "Braiding Sweetgrass". The book reads like a warm hug and is written by an Indigenous scientist.
BlackBox863 14 timmar sedan
Well were boned
MotiFuzion 14 timmar sedan
No more pandemic please!! 😓
Paolo Grillo
Paolo Grillo 14 timmar sedan
And how do they know that these vires come about when you cant see the future with these vacation the deficit will sky 🚀 the rich will get richer the poor will get poorer and taxes will go up the people will pay for it i think there working on the black plague if you look there is an artical on the internet they doug up a grave from the black plague ara which they are working on
Pablo Iranzo
Pablo Iranzo 14 timmar sedan
The pandemic came and when it was raving in 2020 in Germany, what did German politicians do? Further introduce laws making it possible for butchers to keep Pigs in even tighter spaces then before. We also had the swine flu in 2020, but instead of doing something about it, we're just making it worse. I swear this world is run by psychopaths who don't care except for their greed.
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